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 “The Global leader in Cruise ship specific virus outbreak prevention”

(C.L.I.P.S.S.) Cruise Line Industry Preventative Sanitation Solutions was developed to eradicate on-board virus outbreaks. Our method quickly identifies, contains and decontaminates vessels, preventing virus outbreak events. Our expert technicians are trained for the remediation of mold and oxidation, de-greasing and sanitizing exhaust hoods, ventilation and duct systems cleaning, and are ESD certified for bridge sanitation. (CLIA Member #00561064).

Consider some key benefits:

  • No long shutdowns
  • No canceled trips
  • We go where ever the problem exist. Emergency response 24- 7

Cruise ship outbreaks are costly events which put the traveling community and crew at risk. No system can completely prevent a virus from developing or being brought on-board a vessel. Studies prove, structures which contain large amount of transient people in small spaces must be disinfected regularly, then tested for quality. Our continuous Port2Port method, prevents all virus from spreading because of its regularity. Universal Sanitation Solutions’s trained technicians rapidly test, analyze, and record all high risk/touch areas. We then apply the appropriate CDC and EPA approved disinfectants (PURE Hard Surface) each time the ship docks at the port of call.  All of our products have the fastest virus kill rate available, yet remain safe (claims proven by CDC and EPA). These environmental, non-toxic, non-staining, odorless, all surface safe products plus our application method, render persistent outbreaks non existent.
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