USS_Building_FrontUniversal Sanitation Solutions, Inc is an environmental decontamination and sanitation company. We are made up of two divisions, ProCleanse product distribution and Professional Decontamination Services. We offer virus prevention consultation, outbreak prevention services, emergency response, as well as stock the top “Green” disinfectant products on the market. Currently headquartered in Sunrise Florida our facility allows for the easy pickup or quick deliveries and the rapid response for decontamination services.

Our ProCleanse product distribution offers at-risk entities tested and certified Pure Bioscience products. Our environmentally conscious buyers fully investigate the products we use and sell. Most of our products are bilaterally listed and tested for validity by the CDC and EPA. Our approach secures we stock the safest disinfectants with the widest range of virus’s killed, in the fastest time, with the longest residual rate. Pure Bioscience products are proven to meet the highest standards (non-toxic and safe for children’s toys and pets) with the lowest EPA cat IV rating. Per CDC and the EPA, our disinfectant kills Norovirus, MRSA, Staph, Influenza to Salmonella, Athletes feet to HIV, Hep to Ebola in seconds. No rinsing needed, non-flammable, non-corrosives and will not damage or stain fabric, or irritate skin. Bleach cannot claim the same.

All safe “disinfectant” applications extend to:

  • Cruise Ships (Yachts, Party Boats)
  • Airplanes (Air Ambulance, Corp/Commercial Jets)
  • Gymnasiums (Mats, Equipment, Locker Rooms)
  • Schools (Univ, Home, Karate, Day Cares, Toys)
  • Pets (Kennels, Zoo, Stables, Veterinarian)
  • Medical (Hospitals, Clinics, Offices, Assisted Living)
  • Transport (Bus, Trains, Taxi, Blood Donation)
  • Emergency (Police, Ambulance, CSC responders)

Our products are proudly made in the USA